Fifth Taste | The Fifth Taste’s “A Journey Through Three Continents and One Search” Tour
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The Fifth Taste’s “A Journey Through Three Continents and One Search” Tour

A four-month trip through Africa, America, and Asia, with the mission to discover unique ingredients and culinary experiences as a source of inspiration for cooking the dreams of award-winning Australian chef, Ben McRae.


The culinary journey of the Fifth Taste is an exciting, mouth-watering global adventure, which will take you to some of the most rural and gastronomic areas within Southern Africa, Southern, Central and Northern America, and the Caribbean. The intent of this journey for me, as a chef, is to go out and search for the Fifth Taste in the culinary world.


The “Fifth Taste” to me is that unique experience that stands out from your ordinary night dining out, whether it’s due to the use of unique, rare ingredients or just fresh, local ingredients in an extraordinary way—I am on a mission to find this element. The types of recipes included in this book are all going to be based around the unique and rare experiences of my journey. There are many cookbooks about modern cuisine, but my book is going to be based around recipes and experiences that will blow people away …


After 17 years of working around the globe and taking in many different cultural culinary experiences, I have come to the decision that it is now my time to go out and put these experiences into a story not yet experienced by my palate (nor by that of many others), to create global culinary awareness to food lovers, chefs, and anyone alike, who will cherish and benefit from it for years to come.


The inspiration has come from realizing throughout my career that a meal doesn’t just stop at desert, but that the journey of good food and gastronomic delight can go for as long as you want it to.


With some sponsorship backing this journey up, together with outstanding media support, I am now ready to take the world on my culinary adventure of exploring the Fifth Taste.


— Chef Ben McRae